Coracle (Web)

A step-by-step guide to getting started with Nostr with the Coracle web client.

Coracle setup

  1. Open, it will ask you to either "log in" -- which means just paste your private key, or "sign up" -- which means create a new key.
  2. Ideally you'll be using a browser extension and will use that method, but if you're just trying it's ok to click "sign up".
  3. It will generate a keypair for you.

Following people

  1. At the beginning you're not following anyone, but if you go to "Search" you'll see suggestions of profiles of people to follow:
  2. You can also click on the "Advanced" tab you'll be able to paste nprofile, npub or other identifiers.
  3. Clicking on one of the selected people will display their profile, from where you can click the icon to add them to your follow list:

Browsing the feed

  1. After you're following people you can see your feed:
  2. Clicking on a note will display replies and potentially their parent: