How to contribute

Here are some ways you can contribute to the success of Nostr:

  1. Contribute to your favorite client, try to come up with approaches that both make Nostr fun and useful and also promote decentralization and ultra-interoperability
  2. Start a new client if you think you have new approaches and ideas to contribute that wouldn't fit in an existing app
  3. Check out for things that might interest you
  4. Use Nostr, think about it, and let others know what you have seen in this crazy new idea that has captured your imagination
  5. Give feedback to client authors, but patiently
  6. Create or contribute to bounties on
  7. Give money to people that are doing things you think are good
  8. Write explainers and curated resources, put them online so they can help others
  9. Check how your skills can help Nostr software or the mission of spreading the Nostr world, partner with others that may be searching for that
  10. If you have a good, concrete, real-world use case for Nostr that you want to use yourself and others might want to, bring it up and it's likely that someone else will be interested in building it
  11. Annoy content creators, people banned from social media and other personalities that you follow that you think may be interested in Nostr until they look at it